21 Days Devotional: Day 6

Silence, Please!

Pastor Wayne Francis

Psalm 62:5 - “Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.”

Everyday I expect a ton of texts, status update alerts from my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, a great amount of emails and several interruptions as I work on various projects. I expect to hear the occasional honking of a horn, the chatter of my television in the distance, or to be annoyed by the sound of some random song as my teenagers make TikTok videos. The sound of feet pounding on the belt of the treadmill, the occasional thump of a dumbbell succumbing to the inescapable luring of gravity and post workout sighs of exhaustion abound in the new year pursuit of better fitness. I expect to hear all of that and more. What I don’t expect daily is intentional silence. I actually only expect to welcome silence before I’m lulled to sleep from my day of activity. 

The scarcest resource in our lives is silence. We often feel far from God and blame it on all sorts of things, but the distance is caused more often than not by the noise pollution that barrages our souls. We embrace sound and eschew silence. The voice of God is difficult to decipher in the midst of our daily orchestra of busyness. It takes discipline to shut our gadgets off, to mute the volume of our “priorities” and embrace intentional silence everyday. The Psalmist knew where to find hope but also knew that hope often speaks to us loudest and most clearly in silence. 

Do you look forward to the noise of text messages, social media, television, Netflix, political pundits and emails to feel alive? Do you have an addiction to noise? 

If so, maybe today is when you start with a deliberate portion of your day making room to hear God through silence. 

Prayer Starter: Father today I’m asking you to help me embrace silence so that I can hear what the Holy Spirit would like to say to me specifically. 

Prayer Focus: In a place that is undistracted by sound, we often hear the Holy Spirit the loudest. When we turn down the volume of the world, we become attune to the voice of God.