21 Days of Fasting & Prayer

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We have a powerful time of fasting and prayer coming up, starting Thursday, January 7 and continuing through Wednesday, January 27. We’ll be joining our faith together and believing God for significant things, both corporately for our church, and in our lives individually. Whether you’re in a challenging season that needs a breakthrough, or you simply want to get to know God in a deeper way, fasting and prayer are incredible tools for every believer’s life. We will end the 21 days with a Big Wednesday on January 27 at 7p.

Daily Devotionals

Prayer Rallies & Big Wednesday

We'll also have Prayer Rallies happening on Saturdays at 10a at all of our locations throughout our 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer. Join us for all of them as we have a chance to press in together, corporately as a church!

  • Wednesday, January 20 at 12p
  • Saturday, January 23 at 10a
  • Big Wednesday, January 27 at 7p

Types of Fasts

Fasting is simply giving something up, like food, for a period of time in order to create spiritual hunger and make more room in our lives for God. Some common types of fasts are:

  • Partial Fast: not eating food from sun up to sun down
  • Selective Fast: removing certain things from what you eat
  • Daniel Fast: not eating meat, sweets and bread and instead eating only fruits, vegetables and juices
  • Complete Fast: drinking only water and juice
  • Alternative Fast: not using things like social media or television. This is a great add-on to any of the above types of fasts and an alternative if health issues prevent you from a traditional fast.

Spotify Playlist 

A curated mix of songs to have with you during this 21 days of Fasting and Prayer!

Saturday, January 16

Austin Peay 

Time:  10a

Germantown Parkway 

Time:  10a


Time:  10a

Houston Levee 

Time:  10a


Time:  10a


Time:  10a

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