Life Leadership College

When do classes begin?
Classes for all interns begin August 26, 2019.

Can I work a job while attending Life Leadership?
Yes, but keep in mind you will need to be able to plan your work hours around your class time, weekend services and events.

Are payment plans offered for Leadership Foundations, Year One, or Year Two?
A payment plan is not available for Leadership Foundations. However, a payment plan of $200 per month is available for Year One and Year Two.

I am coming from out of town. Does Life Leadership provide housing?
We do not offer housing. However, there is a variety of affordable apartment and townhome communities within a close proximity of Life Leadership.

Can I begin Year One or Year Two in the Spring semester?
No, Year One and Year Two begin each Fall. However, new Leadership Foundations classes begin in both the Fall and Spring.

What if I have previously participated in an internship at The Life Church? Where do I begin?
If you have completed…
Discovery: apply for Leadership Foundations
Second Mile: apply for Year One
Damascus Road: apply for Year Two
Year One: apply for Year Two
Year Two: apply for Residency

I completed my Life Leadership application and am interested in enrolling in Southeastern University courses. What should I do next ?
After completing the Life Leadership application process, you are able to apply to Southeastern University. For SEU’s application, see here.

Can I only take classes through SEU and not through Life Leadership?
No, you are not able to only take classes through SEU. If you wish to pursue a degree through SEU at The Life Church, you must also participate in Leadership Foundations, Year One, Year Two or Residency.

Is there financial aid available for SEU?
Yes, if you are applying to Southeastern University you may apply to receive financial aid towards your Southeastern courses.

Am I able to transfer prior college credits to Southeastern University?
Yes, however, SEU will determine which credits are able to be transferred.

Am I able to use the Tennessee Hope Scholarship towards my tuition in SEU classes?
Because the Tennessee Hope Scholarships are for students attending college in Tennessee, the extension site students are not eligible to use the Hope Scholarship because SEU is located in Florida. However, you are still able to apply for Pell Grants and unsubsidized and subsidized student loans to pay for your tuition.