Year One

12-Month Leadership Training

Those who have completed Leadership Foundations have the option to apply to participate in Year One. This experience is for those who want to continue to grow in their leadership skills and build the local church. Through this yearlong leadership training, students will receive a strategic combination of weekly ministry teaching from experienced pastors and instructors, hands-on ministry training through serving in various areas of church, and group coaching to help them build a life of eternal significance and impact.

Year One requirements: Completed Leadership Foundations, currently serving, tithing, and attending a Life Group

Year One cost: $250 deposit + $1,250 tuition + $150 estimated book cost

Life Leadership Year One + SEU cost: $250 deposit + $150 estimated book cost + $9,320 estimated yearly tuition (financial aid available)


  • Attend a blend of 32 in-person and online leadership classes on Mondays from 6:30-9:00p
  • Attend a leadership training life group
  • Attend an in-town retreat (October 9-10, Friday evening & Saturday morning)
  • Serve in weekend services in various areas of ministry
  • Complete weekly serving hours
  • Complete weekly classwork and reading
  • Log weekly fitness hours and complete a 5K
  • Memorize scripture weekly
  • Receive a general leadership certificate