Marriage Coaching

The Bible makes it clear that God intended for a man and his wife to be united together in a healthy, happy and fulfilling marriage covenant that would last a lifetime.

Yet, many couples are experiencing less than what God intended in their marriage.

The fact is, people inside the church do not have any less exposure to marital troubles than people outside the church. Believers are still susceptible to miscommunication, conflict, sexual temptation, physical challenges and other stumbling blocks.

Research studies show that the divorce rate among Christians and non-Christians is nearly the same. But studies also show that when couples combine being planted in a healthy local church with putting specific attention to improving their marriage, the success rate for marriages increases significantly.

Marriage coaching provides Marriage Coaches who foster a safe place for newly engaged or already married couples to turn to build strong, healthy, and Godly marriages.

Here are the specific areas in which we offer marriage coaching:

  • Premarital Coaching
  • Marriage Coaching

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