Baby Dedications

May 12-13

Baby Dedications

Baby Dedications will be held on Mother's Day Weekend, May 12-13, at the following services: 
Houston Levee: Saturday 6p and Sunday 11:15a
Germantown Parkway: Sunday 11:15a
Highland: Sunday 11:15a
Jackson: Sunday 11:15a

Baby dedications are an opportunity for parents to publicly display their commitment to raising their child according to God’s Word and His ways. This is always a special time, and we encourage you to invite family and friends to share this special experience!

There is no pre-registration for the baby dedication. If you plan to dedicate your child, please notify the Kids Life team when you check your child into Kids Life before the service begins. After the message, parents will be dismissed to pick their children up from Kids Life and return with them to the auditorium for the dedication portion of the service.

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