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Beginnings are special. They mark the start of something new and open the door to new opportunities. The cross represents one of the greatest beginnings the world has ever known. Sin created a barrier between us and God, but God loved us so much that He wasn’t content to leave us disconnected from Him. He sent his son Jesus to earth to make a way for a broken world to find new life. Out of Jesus’ death and resurrection emerges the beginning of so many things we all need—a fresh start, grace, transformation and purpose.

Join us as we kick off a new series, “Beginning” on Easter weekend, with services starting Good Friday, April 19th at 7p at our Houston Levee location. Easter is the perfect time to bring friends and family to church, so start thinking of who you can bring—you never know how it might change their life!

Houston Levee

Sunday at 9:30a & 11:15a

Germantown Parkway
Sunday at 9:30a & 11:15a

Sunday at 9:30a & 11:15a

Austin Peay
Sunday at 9:30a & 11:15a

Sunday at 11:15a

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