New Series + Encounter Weekend

January 4 & 5

New Series + Encounter Weekend


Join us January 4 & 5 as we begin a new series, "SOUL". Our everyday lives can seem filled with noise, distractions and even anxiety. When we allow these things to take root in our lives rather than confront them, we can quickly lose our vision and direction with our lives and health. During this new series, we'll be looking at four key areas and how we can take practical steps to build a healthy life and healthy relationships.

Invite a friend and join us January 4 & 5 as we begin this new series and take a deeper look at how our overall health plays a role in having our best year yet.


We are also kicking off the new year with Encounter Weekend, January 4 & 5 and 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer beginning January 9. This is a powerful season when we come together as a church and focus on prayer for our life, our church, our city, and our nation. Join us in January for a fresh start to a new year!

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