Zoe Women's Conference

Houston Levee Location

Zoe Women's Conference

Jesus came to give us life—“the God-kind-of-life” that makes our soul and spirit come alive. This is what the Bible word “zoe” is all about, and it’s the heartbeat of Zoe Conference.

Zoe Conference is a gathering of women from across the Mid-South, designed to place value on women and create an environment where they can encounter God and grow in strength, friendship and purpose.

This year’s theme is “Take Heart”, and as always, our time together is sure to be filled with life-changing moments, from beautiful times of worship in God’s presence, to powerful teaching from God’s Word, to inspiring foundation moments as we honor some incredible women in our world. There will also be lots of opportunities to have fun, connect with friends (plus meet some new ones, too!) and make a difference in the lives of others. Make sure you plan to be a part—you won't want to miss a single moment!

For the best rate, visit zoeconference.com today and lock in your spot!

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