Reading Plan


Knowing how to study the Bible for ourselves is one of the greatest assets we have for flourishing and being successful in life. This reading plan will focus on foundational topics and doctrine found within scripture and help us create a habit of effectively and consistently studying God’s Word.You’ll find two sets of verses for each day selected specifically for this reading plan. The first verse is to help guide you through the life of Jesus leading up to his death, burial and resurrection. The second verse will be from the book of Psalms that will help show you the importance of God’s Word in our daily lives.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about God or a seasoned believer, this reading plan will help equip you to better understand foundational truths within the Christian faith and the value of God’s Word in our lives.

March 5 - Jesus foretold
Isaiah 53
Psalm 119:1-8

March 6 - The birth of Jesus
Matthew 1:18-25
Psalm 119:9-16

March 7 - John the Baptist prepares the way
Matthew 3:1-4:11
Psalm 119:17-24

March 8 - Water to wine and the Samaritan woman
John 2:1-11
John 4:1-26
Psalm 119:25-32

March 9 - Jesus rejected in his hometown
Luke 4:14-30
Psalm 119:33-40

March 10 - Jesus calls his disciples
Luke 5:1-11
Matthew 9:9-13
Psalm 119:41-48

March 11 - Sermon on the Mount
Luke 6:17-46
Psalm 119:49-56

March 12 - A centurion, a widow's son, and a sinful woman
Matthew 8:1-13
Luke 7:11-17; 7:36-50
Psalm 119:57-64

March 13 - Encounters with the Pharisees
Matthew 12:1-13 22-45
Psalm 119:65-72

March 14 - Parable of the sower, weeds, and seeds
Matthew 13:1-43
Psalm 119:73-80

March 15 - Jesus calms the storm and later walks on water
Luke 8:22-25
Mark 6:45-56
Psalm 119:81-88

March 16 - Jesus heals a man, woman and girl
Mark 5:1-43
Psalm 119:89-96

March 17 - Feeding of the 5,000
John 6:1-14
Psalm 119:97-104

March 18 - Peter identifies the Christ and the Transfiguration
Luke 9:18-27
Luke 17:1-8
Psalm 119:105-112

March 19 - Healing by faith
Mark 9:14-32
Psalm 119:113-120

March 20 - Teachings and parables
Matthew 17:24-18:20
Psalm 119:121-128

March 21 - Teachings and parables
Matthew 18:21-19:15
Psalm 119:129-136

March 22 - The rich young ruler
Mark 10:17-31
Psalm 119:137-144

March 23 - Disciples sent out
Luke 10:1-24
Psalm 119:145-152

March 24 - The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37
Psalm 119:153-160

March 25 - Jesus teaches how to pray
Luke 11:1-13
Psalm 119:161-168

March 26 - Jesus revives Lazarus
John 11:1-44
Psalm 119:169-176

March 27 - Jesus comes to Jerusalem
Matthew 21:1-27

March 28 - The Last Supper
John 13:1-17
Matthew 26:17-35

March 29 - Comfort for the disciples
John 14-15

March 30 - Jesus arrested and disowned
Matthew 26:36-75

March 31 - Jesus' trial
John 18:19-19:16

April 1 - Jesus' Crucifixion and death
John 19:17-42


How To Study The Bible - Part 3
One of the most powerful things that can help us as believers is looking at what God says about us in His Word. Below are thirteen statements to remind us of how God sees us and how we should view ourselves:
I am chosen by God - 1 Thessalonians 1:4
I am called by God - 2 Timothy 1:9
I am forgiven of all my sins - Ephesians 1:7
I am the head and not the tail - Deuteronomy 28:13
I am above and not beneath - Deuteronomy 28:13
I am victorious - Revelation 12:11
I am set free - John 8:32
I am strong in the Lord - Ephesians 6:10
I am healed by His wounds - 1 Peter 2:24
I am free from condemnation - Romans 8:1
I am more than a conqueror - Romans 8:37
I am accepted in Him - Ephesians 1:6
I am complete in Him - Colossians 2:10

7 key doctrines of the Christian life in 7 sentences:
Jesus living in you is the big important them of the Bible. That’s called Salvation, which is God forgiving you because of what Jesus has done for you through the cross and the resurrection. The best way to know what Jesus is like and to learn about Him is to read The Bible, which is God’s Word. Then, as you read about Him, the Holy Spirit gives you power for every day life. As the Holy Spirit guides you, you become more and more like Jesus, that’s called Sanctification. As you live for Jesus, you worship Him personally and corporately within a family of believers, called the Church. A big part of your calling as a believer is Evangelism, which is bringing the good news of salvation to help the lost in your world find Jesus.