Show Some Love

Message Series

In this series, we’ll take a look at principles from God’s Word that will help us navigate the relationships in our lives wisely, from choosing new relationships, to strengthening current ones, to handling relational challenges the right way. You won’t want to miss this practical and encouraging series - it’s a great way to resource yourself to build healthy, life-giving relationships that positively impact your life and those around you!

Acts of Kindness

Spread Kindness with a purpose. Small things done with great love can change the world. A random act of kindness is a simple, effective, and fun way to show the love of Jesus to people around you. With each act, simply give an Acts of Kindness card to let someone know they are noticed and loved by God. Acts of Kindness cards are available at every campus. See how one act of kindness can make an incredible difference.

Ideas for Acts of Kindness

  1. Pay for someone’s gas.
  2. Keep a giveaway bag in your car stocked with snacks, toiletries, and socks for anyone who may need something.
  3. Take out the garbage for a neighbor.
  4. Leave an encouraging note or surprise in items you are donating, selling, or returning.
  5. Deliver fresh-baked cookies to a neighbor or co-worker.
  6. Bring fresh flowers to someone.
  7. Offer to babysit for free.
  8. Mow someone’s yard for free.
  9. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in the drive-through.
  10. Pay for someone’s fast food meal behind you in the drive-through.
  11. Send a note of encouragement to someone.
  12. Give baked goods or a small gift to the postman or delivery person.
  13. Leave a big tip and a note for your server at a restaurant.
  14. Pay for someone’s movie that is behind you in line.
  15. Help someone who you know is struggling financially.
  16. Pay for someone’s meal or dessert at a restaurant.
  17. Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, or hospital.
  18. Take a box of doughnuts to a school, office, etc.
  19. Cook a meal for a neighbor or co-worker.
  20. Share your umbrella with a stranger.
  21. Help tutor a student.
  22. Pay for someone’s groceries that is behind you in line.