Vision 2022

The generosity of many people has brought The Life Church to where we are. We have seen God’s faithfulness to our church for 25 years. As we continue to grow our influence and reach, we are sharing the love of Jesus with people in different regions of the country and across the world. The Life Church has more vision and more opportunities than ever before!

In this year’s Vision Offering, we have the chance to sow a seed for the future and invest in what is ahead. Your giving impacts people’s lives and it builds God’s House. It’s awesome to think about how God has used people in our church to reach even more people.

We look forward to all that is to come for The Life Church! We are expectant and ready to see more dreams fulfilled. The Vision Offering allows us to stretch our faith together and collectively give our best to the amazing opportunities that are before us.

Vision 2022 Commitment

Pray and ask God to speak to you about the amount you will commit to give for Vision 2022.

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Vision Initiatives