Vision 2020

Where We're Headed

Vision 2020

We are amazed and grateful for all God is doing through our church. Thank you for the part you play as we work together to extend our reach and influence our communities. There are so many people waiting to hear the good news of Jesus and that they can move forward in life. Our faith is high and we are confident that our best days are before us...

Much Love,

John & Leslie Siebeling
Lead Pastors

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.
ACTS 4:31

As we look ahead, we’re praying and having faith for four key areas in 2020:

  • My Life
  • My Church
  • My City
  • My Nation

Over the next four weekends, we will focus on each area and how you can be a part in moving the church forward through prayer and faith.


  • Take time to pray about investing financially into our church through Vision 2020. Ask God specifically how much you should commit to give over the next 12 months and how much to give in the annual Vision Offering on November 16-17.
  • Give online using the link below, or fill out a Commitment Card and bring it with you on Vision Offering Weekend.





Our vision for the future of The Life Church is to continue reaching new people for God! We have seen many lives impacted by our church’s vision through our current locations, but we don’t want to stop there. We are excited to announce we will be launching our sixth regional campus…in Downtown Memphis!

This area has grown rapidly over the past few years. It’s a socioeconomically diverse area that many professionals, families and young adults call home. With a location in Downtown Memphis, it will position us to reach more people in their own community with a life-giving environment for people to connect with God. It’s why we exist in communities—all to make a difference in people’s lives.

For opportunities to get involved or to find out more information about the launch of this new location check out the link below. Together our best days are ahead!



We are praying and having faith for the launch of our second Santiago, Chile campus and our World Missions.

Our Santiago campus currently has 2 services, and is preparing to launch a 2nd location in the Downtown Santiago area in 2020.

Opening another Santiago campus will provide more opportunities for leadership development and allow more people to take their next step in discovering their purpose. This second campus will also give us an opportunity to reach the 405,000 people that live in the Downtown Santiago area.

Since the beginning of our church, World Missions has always been a focus. We believe that God established His Church to be a vehicle of hope, refuge and truth for those in darkness and distress around the world. It’s our responsibility to take what we have been blessed with and use our creativity, energy and resources to bring the only true Solution to a hurting and searching humanity!

Through our global missions we partner with missionaries, local churches and Christian organizations to take the gospel global and engage this generation in God’s purposes around the world. Whether it’s going on a short-term missions trip, financially supporting or simply praying for our overseas partners, your giving of time and finances can make a difference!


We are praying and having faith for our city through the Memphis Dream Center! There are many facets and extensions of the Memphis Dream Center that are working to impact the city of Memphis in a variety of different ways:

  • Through our Feed Memphis program, the Memphis Dream Center has become the largest food distribution operation in the Memphis area, handing out thousands of bags of food every week to school children in need.
  • We have over 100 families each week relying on Generous House for basic food and clothing needs.
  • There are dozens of students being impacted through our after-school Youth Leadership Network.
  • September marked the launch of our second Dream Center location at our Austin Peay location. As renovations continue, we expect to open a new Generous House and Baby boutique in the coming weeks. This location will also house a computer lab, literacy learning center, and an area that will serve to empower families—specifically single moms—to rise out of poverty.


We are praying and having faith for our nation through ARC, Make Room and the Next Generation!

Through our partnership with the Association of Related Churches (ARC), we are helping church planters launch life-giving churches across the United States. Over the past 18 years, ARC has planted 873 churches, with an expected 80 new churches to be launched in 2020.

Each year, we host the Make Room Whiteboard Sessions, which are a series of events designed to help pastors and other church leaders build healthy, thriving churches in their communities. In 2019, we hosted 66 churches from 22 different states and provided an environment for pastors and leaders to grow. The 2020 Whiteboard Sessions will cover topics like leadership development, excellent weekend services, breaking growth barriers, and financial planning.

In 2019, we hosted our tenth Axis Nation Youth Conference and had over 1,500 students registered! We whole-heartedly believe in the next generation and seeing them become the next leaders of our nation. Through hosting Axis Nation, we provide an environment for young people to encounter Christ on a personal level and even learn more about their calling and purpose in life. We are excited for 2020 and hosting even more students, pastors and leaders for Axis Nation 2020.